Open Ports on Cpanel Servers

There are a number of security services now that scan websites and give advise about 'best practice' regarding security.  One of the typical things they advise is for the shutting down of 'unnecessary' port numbers, and they proceed to list a number of ports which contrary to this advice, actually are necessary for the function of your ... Leer Más »

7º May 2021
Old Versions of Wordpress are Potential Time Bombs

The majority of new websites in the world are built with Wordpress, and that is true of the clients of WTQ Hosting also.  Wordpress has great features, none of which is better than its user friendliness.  However there is a downside too. In the same way that the majority of computer viruses are written for Microsoft machines, so too a large ... Leer Más »

21º Ene 2020
Your Website Might Spamming Without You Realising it.

Most of us want people to contact us through our websites, and that's fine and normal. However sadly, spammers want to use your website contact form to send you bucket loads of junk. So most website owners install captcha or something like that to cut own on the automated junk that comes, and it mostly does a great job. However some manual spam ... Leer Más »

19º Sept 2019
Credit Card Processing Without Paypal now Available

This is just a quick announcement to let everyone know that we can now process invoices via credit car, without having to send you through the paypal gateway.

9º Sept 2014
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