The majority of new websites in the world are built with Wordpress, and that is true of the clients of WTQ Hosting also.  Wordpress has great features, none of which is better than its user friendliness.  However there is a downside too.

In the same way that the majority of computer viruses are written for Microsoft machines, so too a large percentage of web attacks are directed against Wordpress websites.  And the complexity and variety of these is at times astonishing.  As a webhost, I have mitigated, repaired, fixed, resolved, rectified many broken wordpress websites because of these types of attacks.  

And the main reason for these attacks is...?

Simply not updating the software in your wordpress.  Whenever there is an update available it is published to the wordpress website and this means that people with malicious intent know straight away what weakness to target.  So its critical to be on top of updates.

A few other things are important too:

  • Updating the plugins and themes as well
  • Making sure the site security recommendations are followed in the Wordpress dashboard
  • Making sure the php on the site is the correct version.
  • Using a good password and sharing with anyone who doesn't need it.

If you have an outdated wordpress site, and want it upgraded, please ask as we can help.




Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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