There are a number of security services now that scan websites and give advise about 'best practice' regarding security.  One of the typical things they advise is for the shutting down of 'unnecessary' port numbers, and they proceed to list a number of ports which contrary to this advice, actually are necessary for the function of your website.

This article is to advise that if you are currently utilisting shared hosting with a cpanel server, the following ports are open on your service.  This is not a security risk, but is the minimum number of ports required to provide you the service that you are required.  These port numbers are standard for cpanel servers all over the world and used by millions of people and businesses.  


Port Number & Service

21: FTP - For Uploading your Files.

22: FTPS/SSH (SSH - Jailshelled for all users)

53: DNS 

80: HTTP (Web Browsing - No SSL)

110: POP (Incoming Email - No SSL)

443: HTTPS (Web Browsing with SSL)

465: SMTPS: (Outgoing Email with SSL)

587: SMTP (Outgoing Email)

993: IMAPs (Incoming Synchronised Email with SSL)

995: POPS (Incoming Email with SSL)

2082: CPANEL with no SSL

2083: CPANEL with SSL

2086: WHM with no SSL

2087: WHM with SSL


If the use of any of these port numbers is a concern to anyone, we are happy to provide a Dedicated Hosting Solution which operates in other ways.  Please talk to us today.  





Friday, May 7, 2021

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